Using software 1AVCapture can see everything on your computer and you hear your record, no matter your video from your webcam, desktop computers, TV tuner you, from inside a website or the Media Player.This software is capable of recording audio from any source including streaming audio, CD, DVD players, and even your voice. The software is capable of putting a beautiful effects, and improved voice quality is provided. The software of any external device that is connected to your computer supports. Consequently Software 1AVCapture option ideal for recording everything you want, is. The resort also has a software user interface graphics and easy and has a very small amount of system resources you use.

A key feature of 1AVCapture:
– Capture video from web browsers and media players including DRM protected content with password
– Record all activities of your desktop computer or a window, or region to AVI or WMV
– Support for recording CD quality audio from any source format into WAV, WMA and MP3 files
– Capture video from webcam
– Capture video from TV, camcorder, VCR and a little Hindi via S-Video or Composite-Video
– Take a picture of the whole screen, window, or region manually or automatically into JPG format
– Take pictures automatically or manually from any source directly in JPG format
– Has a user interface graphics and user-friendly
– Compatible with different versions of Windows