3D War Chess 1.1 is a  of three-dimensional chess for real and attractive that you can play with the computer and its power to check the benchmarks. Chess game, a great game thinking that you’re pretty familiar with the mechanism. But you see a game here, not a normal game. Here a three-dimensional environment with real pieces are facing the battlefield. When you move a piece, the pieces are  and will move completely true to the place of destination. When do you want to go nuts out of the struggle between them and shaped nut that must be broken out and removed. Battle effects are fully three-dimensional environment is very attractive.

Features  3D War Chess:
– The  play at different levels of difficulty
–  Three-Dimensional Motion  species vertebrae during movement
– The beads are great, and the background area of ​​a chessboard battlefield!
– Ability to embed computers with different intensities versus player
– Ability to rotate and zoom the screen to play
– Selectable Resolution of the Board Game
– And …