Make sure you come to one of your most important files such as music, photos, memorabilia, software and … the mistake of missing or have been deleted. Windows Recycle Bin, or by sending it to the Recycle Bin, The Mac undelete and restore the file or folder is kept clean. But when we delete files moved to Recycle Bin, or when using the keyboard shortcut Shift + Delete files directly and transfer to clean out the trash, Windows no longer able to play the blue and not revertable deleted files. Recover system to help today’s data recovery software easily. There are many different software and different levels of users, enabling even novice users to retrieve their lost a lot of information. This recovery software and features that will help users in such cases.
UNDELETE is powerful software to restore deleted data from hard disk, floppy, flash, USB, etc., which is operated easily and quickly as possible and to retrieve information on it will help. In this application, users can retrieve a list of files that can be viewed as separate and if possible preview of the file type and file formats can be viewed.

A key feature of the software Active @ UNDELETE:
– Ability to play Abbey Pakshdh data, damaged as a result of software errors
– Ability to recover files and data lost or degraded by viruses
– Floppy disk data recovery from all types of memory card
– Restore files and folders by OS
– Data Recovery Pakshdh affected by various software errors
– Support for long file names
– Ability to navigate partitions damaged by virus or damaged MBR
– Backup the file system NTFS, FAT 32, FAT 16, FAT 12
– Ability to retrieve data from hard drives IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI
– Recovers the two BASIC (quick search and elementary) and THOROUGH (deep search and UPDATE)
– Burn data restore on CD / DVD and Backup are prepared
– Ability to save and restart the recovery of the previous track mind
– Easy to use interface
– Deliver more power and speed in the recovery of damaged files
– Advanced search capabilities based on various characteristics of a file
– Retrieving operations manually and automatically
– Ability to modify existing properties, or create virtual partitions
– The ability to identify the types of data files when no file is not registered for Office docs, MP3, AVI
– Save and load the results of an advanced navigation
– Ability to preview file contents before recovery
– Editable virtual drive parameters in the model manually retrieve data
– Ability to search by file name, file date, range size, file type and features
– Supports large disks (500MB)
– And the …