Actual File Folders application to users faster access to folders and files, increase speed and performance, is established. This  to create two  on the new Explorer, giving you faster access to your favorite folders and recent folders that you have created, a  does. After installing the software Recent Folders and Favorite Folders button next to the Close button at the top of the browser window and Mynymayz and Maksymayz windows, can be added. Using this software can make a list of your favorite folder paths without considering it on the computer, fast to load, your customization. Use the icon to add favorite folders (Favorite Folders), similar to the list of bookmarks for your favorite websites that you add to your browser. If you have created folders for a new song on your computer using this software, you can add it to your list of folders with one click as fast as it can get. This feature of the software is similar to browsing history (history) Shmayt web browser where you can quickly jump to the last website you visited recently to speed access.

A key feature of  Actual File Folders:
– Faster user access to folders and files, and speed up performance
– Create Recent Folders in  Explorer for quick access to folders newly created
– Create a Favorite Folders icon in Windows explorer for faster access to your favorite folders
– Low volume
– Has a simple interface and easy
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …