All those  by Adobe have worked and the kind of  and are concerned are aware of the importance and use of the software After Effects. Adobe After Effects CC giant version of the new special effects that have recently published by Adobe. The new version of this software is the 4-dimensional effects are also used. Project sharing between multiple computers and access the files shared another feature of the software is Adobe After Effects CC. Using this software tool makes keeping edge details in the background is a separate element. VFX tools for fixing  and precise editing photos sent using the camera while editing movies, you can change how you manage projects from different directions. If you mistakenly close the project in the software when the software edit file content stays the same. Most popular plugins for After Effects CC is CineWare when using this plugin can be used in software cinema 4d project into After Effects and do the required work on the project. Just have a good system to work with this plug-in After Effects can work simultaneously, we observe a high quality project. cineWare forms a layer in After Effects is that you can enter a project.

A key feature of  Adobe After Effects CC:
– The  is to use three-dimensional software such files CINEMA 4D, directly
– Refine Edge tool, it is difficult to maintain elements of the background when isolating designed
– Warp stabilizer new with new features
– Camera Detector with New Features
– Optimize System Performance Cache
– Performance optimization and acceleration
– Motion Blur system Pykssly
– Layers of text and shapes with a powerful engine  of text, as two-dimensional and three-dimensional
– Mobile Software Required
– Color depth
– Motion Control Tools
– New interface
– An animation preset stations
– Support for frame accurate audio
– Support for multiple media types
– And …