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Adobe Dreamweaver (Dreamweaver) is a web design software is the most powerful and rich web designers to design their own use. With Dreamweaver, you can simply start writing code and tags in your mind, it’s also a professional editor with a breakdown of the various codes, coding makes it easy for you.Many plug-ins written for the software that they install on Dreamweaver, the power of this software is doubled. Its features include online editing of web pages, the Mac upload pages on hosts and servers, support and web design based on CSS, support and development of dynamic page with the power of Jax (AJax), support different formats Web pages Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, ASPX, intelligent software identification code is written, to communicate between applications written with databases famous … Cited.
During the training, the Maktabkhooneh Dreamweaver you key feature of the software will learn powerful applications.