Ayndyzayn an extraordinary Adobe products in the field of printing and layout is. While everyone waited CS7 version of this software is the new version called Adobe has released Adobe InDesign CC. Adobe’s new idea based on sharing photos and videos and works to advance the design is built.

A key feature of the software Adobe lnDesign CC:
– Faster performance
– New User Interface
– Fonts by Sync
– Filter and search fonts
– A Mac formatted text and graphics as the standard XML format for easier use by web designers
– Coordination with InCopy software for collaborative editing and publishing sectors
– Fast Font Preview
– Ability Fyvryt the fonts that are used more
– Ability to make books available on a mobile phone
– Take advantage of the effects of multimedia on the book made
– Output in SWF or PDF e-book contains photographs and video and audio
– Manufacturer QR Code
– Support for three-dimensional output Photoshop
– Having internally Photoshop effects
– Ability to use PDF files as background
– The possibility of sharing design
– Adaptive Design Tools
– And the …