Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop called CC. Photoshop or Photoshop cloudy CC (Creative Cloud), dozens of important differences with previous versions of Photoshop, and the addition of  features and problems that provide a speed too high for the programmer, there is Adobe. New features in Adobe Photoshop CC as improved three-dimensional drawing, image editing tools for a more complete, better image selection tools, magnification with minimal distortion, a very useful tool to reduce camera shake, and many other new features have been placed.

Key Features Adobe Photoshop CC:
– Sharp’s new smartphone that can be very useful.
– Enlarge with minimum quality loss.
– Improving the ability to work on files, video and three-dimensional.
– CameraRAW 8 with support for layers.
– Editor rounded rectangle at the request of users.
– Multi Shklh and route selection.
– A very useful tool to reduce camera shake.
– Support the development of smart objects.
– Improved three-dimensional painting.
– Increased productivity in the workplace and tools.
– Improved the control panel next Tuesday.
– Conditional operations.
– Easy conversion from 2D to 3D images.
– More options, more and more powerful to print.
– Providing better quality output.
– Change the basic color correction tools.
– Improved three-dimensional effect.
– New Anti-aliasing system.
– Enter the color of the web.
– Creating video visualization.
– A powerful design tool.
– More efficient when working with very large images.
– Engine of Mercury.
– New Mask panel to work better with the mask.
– A better to build panoramic images.
– Compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions.