Always your, malware and Mzahmhay  users in Computers dissatisfaction, it sometimes can be prevented, but in some cases, installing them automatically installed and created a lot of inconvenience and frustration they can handle from a variety of toolbars (Toolbar ) noted that often when installing the  bundled with the program on  is installed, and sometimes also change many settings, such as search engines (Search Engine), or home page (Home Page); but the impact of such software Just do not stop, sometimes the malware to spy or security purpose and design and system security,  and user totally affect the outcome in order to protect the security and privacy of users of software in the market that This malware is removed from the system and do not allow this kind of malware on Windows remain.
Software AdwCleaner a small, compact, free, yet smart and powerful that it is the duty of accurate system for any malware and annoying advertising elements, the remaining elements of software and software as well as all the traces advertisers They searched and presented to the user in a list and the user can easily remove them all with a single click.
A key feature of  AdwCleaner:
– Identify the types of  or future software called Adware and remove all of them.
– Identify types of unwanted programs or called PUP and LPI and remove all of them.
– Identify types such as toolbars or Toolbar or Google Toolbar Ask Toolbar and delete all of them.
– Detects and removes all types of malware and hijackers or the alleged Hijackers them.
– Identify traces and remnants of software in the Registry  and delete all of them.
– Ability to quarantine or Quarantine destructive elements of the system before removing them.
– Ability to delete itself after clearing systems.
– Ability to automate and simplify the software update.
– Compatible with all versions of Windows.
– Being compact, free, and easy user interface software.
But that’s exactly what the software is removed from the system?
It includes four of the scope of application:
First Adware or advertising elements that this category includes software programs that exist solely for advertising and are usually applied in practice added to the system during the installation of some of the software and message to the user show a Advertising- constantly.
Second unwanted software or Potentially Undesirable Program or abbreviation PUP / LPI called, this category includes software which does not require the user to have the software automatically when and installing some of the software on installing and applying the changes to the system, such as the implementation of various processes in Windows that will ultimately slow down the system.
Three or Toolbars Toolbars are included such as Add-on software is usually installed on the browser and a toolbar to add easier access to the site browser, and the browser is this not only the speed Rather, they are considered a security threat to the system.
Including the hijackers Hijackers quarter or that such malware on the system after installing some apps break and things like switching Home Page or Search Engine do to create confusion in the system.
The software is installed by looking in different parts of the system such as Windows Registry mark this malware and the user of  does it take to get them easily from the system remove.
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