Download After Effects CS6 Essential Training - Training Effects CS6 be longs

Adobe After Afkts software (Adobe After Effects) The first version of the software was released in 1993 by the company Arts & Technology America. The second edition in 1994, the same year the company bought the software company Adobe, “Adobe After Afkts 3” was released.
The two-dimensional animation and special effects software for film one of the most powerful tools in the world wide revolution in attitudes towards animation and television have created. The software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier and coordination with adobe audition is high.

In the course of training the instructor Ian Robinson introduced the After Effects CS6 and the animation , effects and compositing video deals with the introduction of six main tools After Effects, which includes concepts such as layers, keyframes, processing, and move in 3D space is.

Headlines training of:
– Set up a workspace, important preferences and cache
– Insert the movie and comps
– Relinking missing video
– Create the type, shape and layer masks
– Rotoscoping brush Rutto
– Setting keyframes in the Graph Editor
– animation, audio timing
– Building on the effects of
– Presentation of the proposed line and Adobe Media Encoder
– Animation of 3D
– Smoothing shaky video and film retouching
– Green screen keying movies
– Work with 3D: extruding shapes, adding a ray tracing lighting, and more