Many of our members are in many sites, the sites of e-mail services to various forums and other sites that use their services must be a member of the site, per to enter into the site have to Enter the username and password. Some sites create a user name and password cookies reminded that accelerates your work, as well as in the application of Internet Explorer for Mac temporary passwords to remember which of course included This feature may compromise your security because many programs are stored in internet explorer password uncover and send them to hackers.
AI RoboForm is one of the safest plan is to remember passwords for different sites, the program stores the user name and password each time to enter the site, the user name and password to enter automatically and you quickly get into the site. It also stores passwords and is able to store all your personal information when you fill out a membership form helps you to quickly fill in the form, one of the most interesting application is capable You can backup your data stored and whenever Windows ‘ve changed your use of backup.

A key feature of the software AI Roboform:
– Remembering all your passwords and login automatically to
– The Mac store passwords in the browser
– The ability to store passwords in encrypted
– Ability to manage passwords
– Capacity data storage software
– Manage Passwords
– Ability to enter personal information
– Game Abbey and printing passwords
– Ability to update the password on another computer
– And the …

The Policy Editor is a tool to customize the advanced software environments and office network , the master password recovery, etc. The program has been put together.