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JQuery Data with AJAX course added!

A Jackson (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML), a set of standards and web technologies to a Mac which can easily produce Web-based applications interact with users. Using these technologies, and with the help of small pieces of data transfer from the computer server (Server), Web pages outside passive mode and reactions to events are appropriate. Ayjks new architecture for Web application, which has been expanding at high speed, and less user- Internet is still His Journey to one of the pages have been built with this architecture does not, and has not enjoyed great features. Gmail, Google Map, Google Suggest, Orkut, and other familiar names, are examples of the use of Ayjks. With this architecture, web pages, very good interaction with their users. In addition, the main advantage of this architecture is that to do anything, do not need to reload the web page.
The courses teach you the basic functionality of AJAX and learn key technology is a powerful application.

Headlines training of AJAX Essential Training:
– The development cycle
– Using JavaScript to manipulate DOM
– The basics of HTTP Request
– How to create dynamic forms and maps
– User interface Yahoo!
– Introduction to Tools
– Set FireFox browser for Ajax
– Configure Apache on Mac OS X
– Change a website built with HTML and CSS
– Installing WAMP on Windows Vista
– Understand the DOM and XML formats
– Full training concepts Request XML HTTP
– Preview links with Ajax
– Add an XML file
– Add Ajax technology project
– And …

Other training courses:
JQuery data with AJAX
– And …