Akvys company is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the field of plug-ins for Photoshop. The company’s plug-in  like Adobe Photoshop will run special and do not need to use it is to open Photoshop.
Akvys powerful plug in virtually all areas of  that are used to change the color and light of professional retouching images.
This plugin set includes 17 professional plug alon for the Russian language is the video:
– AKVIS ArtSuite: special effects and GIF are
– AKVIS ArtWork: Edit photos with an imitation of art styles
– AKVIS Chameleon: Combining unparalleled image and background isolated
– AKVIS Coloriage: convert photos to black and white color
– AKVIS Decorator: Color and texture

– AKVIS Enhancer: Correct the  of the camera and turn it into reality
– AKVIS HDRFactory: transforming ordinary photos into HDR
– AKVIS Lightshop: unique light effects
– AKVIS Magnifier: resize images without losing quality
– AKVIS MakeUp: Portrait photo editing and makeup
– AKVIS MultiBrush: retouching and painting
– AKVIS NatureArt: Editing Photos with the imitation of nature.
– AKVIS Refocus: become blurry images into clear
– AKVIS Noise Buster: eliminate digital noise
– AKVIS Retoucher: restoration and photo retouching
– AKVIS Sketch: Convert a photo into a painting with colored pencils
– AKVIS SmartMask: Select (Select) Rapid fittings for a photo

This collection of Photoshop plug out of the running.