Alcohol 120% to emulate and record CD and DVD types is unique in its kind, this software utilizes the latest technology is constantly advancing and expansion of the day it will be added new feature. By this program you can capture Image (save the information in a file on disk) CD that you use them regularly, without putting the CD in the CD-ROM to use them, just one click Image needs to be run at a speed of about 200X.
The software is also one of the most powerful software for all types of CD and DVD burning and the ability to read scratched CDs and copying from CDs lock (with bad sectors) will be stored.
It’s also one of the most popular software in the field of copyright CDs and DVDs are. This software is capable of many CDs and DVDs that have been locked to copyright. Alcohol 120% supports many formats can largely meet the demands of users. Construction of 6 virtual drives at the same time, another important feature is that the software is in its place.

A key feature of Alcohol 120%:
– Burn CDs and DVDs
– Support for most formats, mds, ccu, ccd, bwt, iso, nrg, etc
– Ability to build 6 virtual drives at the same time
– Ability to erase data from CD and DVD
– The turned into sound
– Ability to build image from CD and DVD
– Lock all CD and DVD Burning
– Compatible with different versions of
– And …