The designers and web developers of slides and Gallery for beautification and look up the websites they use. One of the best tools to make this jQuery effects but most of these galleries and slide are usually vertically and horizontally, and almost all of them have employed the same process. So all Web developers looking for a tool to build more dynamic and more different slides and visual effects are used.Amazing Carousel software simple and useful for the manufacture of sliders, film and visual effects based on jQuery is a scroll wheel. The software can be photos and videos to the user to slide and carousel Carousel dynamic and convert the rotary motion of the slide as well as can be, and look for plug-ins or modules in CMS by WordPress, Joomla and Drupal used.

A key feature of the software Amazing Carousel:
– Work on the desktop , iPhone, iPad and Android
– Ready for Dreamweaver, FrontPage, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
– Build and Carousel slide horizontal, vertical and carousel-based jQuery
– Create content for YouTube, Vimeo and HTML
– Build slideshows and Carousel responsive, dynamic and interactive
– Effects of a circle, ring, random, automatic slide and the MAC adding custom background image
– And …