Company «Advanced Micro Devices» season of the «AMD» one of the constructors of computer components such as CPU and Graphics and now many users worldwide use the company’s products, especially since the company «ATI», one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of graphics cards by «AMD» was purchased and since then the company has produced and graphics cards support the company «ATI» continued. The company released the Radeon cards with your name.

But the most important part of the program , and especially the computer is undoubtedly related to the fact that the graphics card and graphics card as well as the ability to pay for its operation is very important to do this, Just having a graphics card will not be enough, but one of the most necessary using the latest version of the graphics card driver. 

Classification of graphics cards from AMD and ATI: 
1 Series Rx 200: 
This series of graphics cards are the newest models released by the company, which entered the market in 2013 and currently consists of R5 and R7 and R9 groups is 3. 

Detection of these cards is simple and accurate model of the card’s name is mentioned, for example Radeon R9 290 or Radeon R7 260. 

2 series Radeon HD: 
This series of graphics cards is the company’s largest market for about seven years, these cards are produced. 
Published by HD series cards are distinguished by a 4-digit number from 2000 to 8000 and leads and the higher the number, the newer cards. 
It should be noted that the HD 6000 series onwards all the cards with the prefix «AMD» were published in the name of «ATI» was taken. 

Detection of these cards in the way that the Radeon HD cards after the words are written, for example, the Radeon HD 8990 or Radeon HD 6870 or Radeon HD 4870 or Radeon HD 2400. 

3 Series Radeon X: 
This series of graphics cards is quite old and has been developed about 10 years ago. 
This series of cards with a 3 or 4 digit number after the items are distinct Radeon X 300 starts and ends around 1950, and the higher the number of cards newer. 

Detection of these cards in the way that the Radeon X cards of words are written, for example, Radeon X300 and Radeon X800 or Radeon X1800 or Radeon X1950. 

4 Radeon series regular (non-HD): 
These graphics are pretty outdated and now ATI graphics cards are first published more than 14 years ago. 
This series of Radeon cards are distinguished by a number of 4 digits after the term started in 7000 and ended around 9800, and the higher the number of cards is later. 

Detection of these cards in the way that the Radeon card after the statement is written, for example Radeon 7000 or Radeon 8500 or Radeon 9250 or Radeon 9800. 

Identify the correct model graphics cards in laptops: 
The HD 6000 series laptops on the letter «M» to the end of the model name cards, table cards were added to distinguish. 
But now ATI HD 6000 series of the term «Mobility» to clarify the card had been used laptops. 
For example, the new Radeon HD 6870M or Radeon HD 8990M series and the old series Mobility Radeon HD 4870. 

These cards are easy to recognize because they have been using laptops only HD series cards so you just have to find your card model and guide according to the exact file downloaded. 

A few very important things about laptops drivers: 
1 laptops HP, Panasonic and Sony, and Toshiba: 

AMD’s already asked to laptop manufacturers exclusively to AMD released new drivers for laptop HP, Panasonic and Sony, and Toshiba, but four AMD did not agree with the company’s request.

The result was that the drivers for the laptop only for laptops, other than the four companies and data files are not installed on products of these four companies.

That’s why people who use the products of four companies to new drivers only get a link to the original manufacturer’s website as follows:
2 laptops with Intel graphics cards and AMD: 
Another important point about Lptaphayy that have more than one graphics card and a graphics card AMD graphics cards are for one internal. 

For example Lptaphayy beside the graphics card AMD integrated graphics as Intel HD Graphics Intel Switchable Graphic Card benefits and the so-called. 

These laptops are AMD’s drivers are not private and public drivers installed on these devices can not be installed if it will create confusion and problems. 

Laptops to AMD still does not provide for a specific job and is only recommended to use drivers provided by the company laptop, and if the is not available, inside of the box see the CD. 

– Set before you the most complete archive so that all Radeon family drivers Radeon drivers for all windows in the list and no Nyvftadh items, so if your driver in the list, there means the company AMD still has not released a driver for it. 

– The drivers are all updated versions of the phrase “new” are apparent. 

The accuracy of classification was used in the preparation of this list does not have the same in any site, even AMD’s own website are not separated from the driver carefully.