Download Android App Development with Java Essential Training - education programming in Java Andvryd

Android (Android) the name of the operating system mobile that Google Inc. for mobile as well as a number of Tablet PC and now also offer a TV and a Mac Yes, many companies put on devices based on Android. The operating system is open source and based on the Linux kernel is built. The software is written in Java using the Android side, and to communicate with the underlying operating system canwork , and you are using Android Javanese houses The Java programming language to build applications for the Android operating system can pay.

During the training the Android App Development with Java you basic functionality and key Java programming language to write software for Android OS are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Understanding of the overall structure and the projects
– An overview of the development of applications on Android
– The use of explicit and implicit concepts
– Set security permissions and licenses related to understanding the concepts in this area
– Create text, keys and control list
– Apply different styles and themes for interface
– Create menus and windows
– Add Animation
– Working with the audio and video files
– The access to the camera mobile phones and other devices
– Using the same settings
– Creating Preferences Activity
– Using SQLite databases
– The regulation of access to network applications
– Training systems to deliver content in the application
– The preparation of the application for release
– Creating a Simple Home Screen Widget
– Creating a configurable Widget activities
– And …