Ashampoo Core Tuner is a feature-rich application with the processor (CPU) optimizes your system. Thesoftware automatically generates a list of active processes that can show you the name, description, the CPU, memory, and core priority for each application you are working. This software can be installed on the operating system and the applications that are running in a way that optimizes the operating system and the processor speed in there, while the application software is to their practice will face a lot of tweaking.Use of this software is very easy to configure several options available to you through the configuration has been placed. For example, you can use these options to change the software interface to another language, change the default skins and are disabled and Ashampoo Core Tuner enables you to automatically set speed up new programs. In general, this software has a good response time and is a Help file. The software has a very small amount of CPU and memory your system uses. Ashampoo Core Tuner is a powerful application to manage your system’s CPU.

A key feature of Ashampoo Core Tuner:
– Has a very rich features to manage and optimize the system processor
– Increase the speed of the operating system and software on it
– Easy to use
– Have a very good response time
– Very useful for managing the system CPU
– Has a Help file
– Use a small amount of CPU and memory on your system
– And the …