Download Assassins Creed: Chronicles India - game priest killer: events in India

India is the second in a series of two-dimensional version of Chronicles of the Assassin’s Creed comes less than a week. Now Ubisoft beautiful trailer of the game has published various features can be found in its gameplay Dyd.kmpany Chronicles Ubisoft versions of the series Assassin’s Creed, this collection to be two-dimensional platform game world. The first episode of the series was released last year with China on the China story was the story of a female Assassin and fairly well what happened to all the fans and the critics, it was done. It is the second edition of the series with India on 12 January (22 December) that it has released its events in India will continue.

Today Ubisoft within a few days left until the release of the game , it has released a new trailer that shows the different features of this work. In the game players control Arbaaz’s character will be a professional assassins and to find a treasure for the assassins entered the country. Games can be done by stealth or action in between capabilities and tools Arbaaz key role in the success or failure of their gamers. The story is told in India of the 19th century, where it was a British colony and for this we must also fight the forces of English equipped with guns and cannons.

Source: Zvmjy