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AutoCAD (AutoCad) the name of the software that is used to draw the maps, and industrial engineering.The American company Autodesk’s software products. AutoCAD users of Mac have the use of two and three dimensional environments. This software is highly advanced in the world over the past years for all engineering and design projects ranging from the design of the automotive industry, aviation, ship and passenger ship of war, military industry and the great monuments of architecture and construction work and can be used with different versions of software, AutoCad and utilizes the science of building design, interior, exterior, interior and exterior spaces, construction and many other types of commercial and residential design work more efficiently.
In the course of training tools and capabilities of AutoCAD to basic and key applications take power.

Headlines training in AutoCAD Essentials 1:
– Installation of AutoCAD
– Access to Tools
– Create and storage space
– Monitor the status bar
– Understanding the structure of a command
– Open and work with a plan
– Zooming, panning, regenning
– Working with a document in a
– And …

Educational titles in AutoCAD Essentials 2:
– Lines
– Define the unit of measurement
– Focus on the geometry of the object snaps
– Drawing rectangles, circles, and polygons
– Use hatch patterns (hatch patterns)
– Move, copy and rotate objects
– Clean elements
– Cancel the last action (Undoing)
– And …

Educational titles in AutoCAD Essentials 3:
– Add and remove from selection
– Traction (Stretching) elements
– Create a mirror copy
– Lever
– Edit hatch patterns (hatch patterns)
– The use of layers to organize projects
– Changes in layers
– Understand the characteristics BYLAYER
– Taking measurements
– Automatic calculation by the calculator
– Build a multi-view
– And …

Educational titles in AutoCAD Essentials 4:
– Create a single-line and multiline text
– Justified text
– Control the look of applications with different styles
– Create numbered lists
– Correct spelling errors
– Create and modify curriculum
– And …

Educational titles in AutoCAD Essentials 5:
– Insert blocks
– Construction of housing block
– Create a link to a DWG file
– Control the appearance of map reference
– Choose between attachment and cover
– Binding references
– Create a video of pictures
– Determine the size of the images are
– And …

Educational titles in AutoCAD Essentials 6:
– Create quick plot
– Write a comment on the line
– Organize the layout of
– Use the Annotative option to determine the size and dimension
– Create custom scales
– Production of PDF and DWF
– Packing and sending maps using eTransmit
– And …