Using Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D mapping is a useful program management and planning of infrastructure (building infrastructure) based models are considered, is that the  is having an instant access to information and data CAD and GIS by providing for you. Using smart tools and data models for industrial, regional or self-discipline you can be certain standards apply to your project. Mapping based on the latest version of AutoCAD software and technology that gives improved data quality, productivity, and better manage the project resources. AutoCAD Map 3D to engineers and specialists in construction projects and road projects, construction drawings and construction and building industry, construction, energy, manufacturing, processing, analysis and design “system geograpHical information” help.

It also plans to develop projects for transport, network, electricity, land and water, combined with the list of existing, specialized tools,  it, journalist, media, and obtained by laser scan helped will.

A key feature of Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D:
– Direct access to data may edit the information
– Integrate and analyze information.
– Ability to work with projects stored in AuotoCAD
– Automated analysis of optimization find the shortest path between two points, such as maps
– Ability to work with scanned maps and simulation in large volumes without compromising speed
– Using Geographic Routing System and …
– Communicate more effectively
– Use real geographic coordinate system, the reference design provides more accurate information for the user puts
– Direct access to geographical information from various sources such as ESRI (European Institute for Systems Research), SHP, Oracle and ESRI ArcSDE
– Ability to read, write and convert data from various formats of CAD and GIS
– Edited by CAD GIS
– Import and visualize large sets of data from various sources, including 3D laser scanning data, mapping, and detection by optical signals (LiDAR)
– Tools to support the construction of thematic maps, analysis, buffering, finding the optimal path and the analysis of Overlaps
– And …