Autodesk Maya is one of the most advanced software an and three-dimensional modeling is widely used in studios,  making, animation, and the industry  the computer used. The strength of the Maya modeling tools, and large firms use more of its features. NURBS technology used in animation studios, makes a  to optimize the design of natural materials such as grass, plants, and the hair. Up on mentalray Rendering capabilities using powerful engines and a variety Material in this software is the key. Features include flexibility and personalization features (customization) that allows professional users to easily modify settings to your liking. Maya is a comprehensive program that is divided into several sections and each section is edited and created one of the animation served the user’s need software components to the minimum of the before them. In addition, another unique feature that enables users to develop software for it. Users can through the C ++ programming language, MEL or (maya embedded language) and also to develop Python software tools and amenities that are not already added to it. Because of the highly regarded film and animation studios, a large manufacturer located.

In addition, new tools and targeted to build  method is much simpler and more practical presents, while impressive strides in the Graph Editor for a to view, select and edit animations and keyframe data, and the speed of the Creating animations have been removed. In addition, by providing outstanding facilities, synchronize animations with recorded music easier method is done. Bifrost is a new feature that same old Nayad the 2015 version of the  has been added. In fact, it can be said that in this version of Maya has been remarkable, especially Bifrost added ability for users of the software that enables the simulation of fluids is possible.

New software capabilities of Autodesk Maya 2015:
The Modeling
– Streamlined Retopology Toolset
– OpenSubdiv Support

The Animation
– Geodesic Voxel Binding

The Dynamics and Effects
– Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform
– XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator

The Rendering and Imaging
– ShaderFX