avast! Internet Security software that uses the fewest resources (Cpu and Ram) your computer against viruses and attacks from the Internet to protect.
avast! It also had the ICSA certified antivirus companies will be good.
avast! As well as viruses, worms and Trojans find and destroy them. It is also able to control case (On Demand) and Permanent Control (On Access) is.
Antivirus also offers a beautiful interface and the Mac advanced high impulsivity has been able to attract the beginner and advanced user reviews.

A key feature of the software avast! Internet Security:
– A leading search engine of virus detection capabilities to find all types of viruses, trojans and …
– A beautiful environment, quick start seeking something (search area specified by the user), fast and easy to change settings and icons are awesome
– Features Resident protection. This is one of the most important features of an antivirus is a modern and to eliminate viruses before they infect a system and activities (like memory resident viruses) are used
– Protect Email News
– 2 plug-in for Microsoft Outlook protection
– Ability to protect the system against viruses, worms internet and new and unknown …
– Script Blocker with protection and blocking infected script that runs on the computer or browser
– The ability to automatically update antivirus
– Contains Virus Chest for isolation of virus operating systems Windows , and quarantine them in a safe environment and prevent its reactivation
– Complete integration with Windows 7 and Windows XP and Vista so that by right clicking on any file or folder can not scan them
– Search through the command line with advanced features suitable for professional users
– Complete protection against Internet attacks and covers all scripts executable on OS

– Has a permanent license
– And …