Ballance name  convention that perhaps few people have heard the name but they know who bought the game is worth playing this game, this game is making campaign Cyparade and developer of the company Atari. The story of the game is that you have the responsibility of guiding the visitors to take the ball to the destination and the destination to deliver the ball with a lot of obstacles facing and you should make a great effort at the expense of, and sometimes the a A small mistake you’ll have to start again from the beginning. A variety of obstacles and enjoys the game and when taking a step back, think how easy this process, but had to do so again in the next phase, and if the ball to the guidance A stage encounter problems and work hard to accomplish it is by no means the game will not get torn and wing i it has attracted more and try to finish the stage and continue to shut the door. Obstacles in the game are designed in such a way that they look very complicated at first but after a while you realize that not only are not Pchydh is very simple. Among the obstacles that exist in the game can be noted that the air bags are attached to a rope and hits them with you to your downfall. You’re playing with a ball in play but you do not, you get 3 different balls. At every stage of  , there are those that you can replace Tvptan you to choose between three balls with different properties.

– Wooden ball, a ball that is in the first step of controlling the ball well and is pretty much spot between the two balls.
– Stone Ball: This ball is very powerful and moving objects you a  but can control the ball much harder than the rest of the ball and the ball is so in a state of the large weight of the it can be hard to contain, and should use it carefully.
– Paper Ball: The ball style, the hub that will help you in many situations. The most important feature is that when the ball is on the fan in thewith the ball is going to go up and also where you can go to the vertical. The ball control is very simple.

The ability to use your in game 3 ball double play attractiveness and like this you have to decide which ball to use to the main menu.

The game consists of 12 stages and you have to finish each stage to the next step, you’ll find the permit. The thirteenth stage of the game that require skill and precision in finishing it. This step can be installed separately after installing the game.