Bandicam a software for recording computer screen that you can easily use it with a certain area of the screen or the screen or play computer that of the technology graphics the DirectX / OpenGL use it to record . This software gives you a Mac does not have a video recorder with a high compression ratio while after recording, you see the lowest quality. This software is a much better performance than other similar software. Also by this software file size compared to other similar software, more or less, as the software quality is the most powerful compression facilities. You can record high quality videos by this software in any of the formats AVI, MPEG, Xvid and save. Another key feature of the software can be used to record 24 hours non-stop, noted. It provides high resolution imaging also can record in HD smallest details. This software is also very small amount of system resources you use.

A key feature of Bandicam:
– Record a certain area of the screen or the screen or computer technology in DirectX / OpenGL uses
– Boone smaller file size compared to other similar software software
– The record time of 24 hours without stopping
– High resolution imaging in HD
– Uses very few system resources
– Support and store images in formats BMP, PNG and JPEG
– Ability to display FPS Miran
Ability to upload files recorded on video sharing sites
– The ability to record video up to 2560 × 1600. Size