Download Basic Installation and Configuration of Windows Server 2012 - Windows Server 2012 Installation and initial setup and configuration

Windows Server 2012 operating system with Microsoft’s Metro interface and version of Windows. One of the major changes in the structure of Windows Server 2012 data is visible at first sight, the Windows Management is the Server Manager. The new file system features like ReF, Task Manager In addition, the new and more advanced Mac using Windows PowerShell it everywhere just some of the features of this version of Windows Server. The third version of Hyper-V along with Windows Server 2012, and in this version there are new things to manage IP addresses, both versions of the protocol of Internet version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) are Full support.
During the teaching of Basic Installation and Configuration of Windows Server 2012 are required concepts and practical principles for installation, configuration and setup of Windows Server 2012 are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Installation of Windows Server 2012
– Install Virtual Driver
– Install VirtualBox drivers
– Configure server roles
– Configuration Services
– Disk and file system configuration
– Use of alternative methods of management
– And …