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Software Blender (Blender) one of the most popular modeling applications and making animation in three dimensions that retains the simplicity of the interface and yet offers powerful features such as panels and professional, easy to use for novice and professional , the Mac video editing and provides a three-dimensional animation possible. Blender allows you to create a wide range of content in a wide variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling of context, light, sound, video and Post Production to make you offers. Blender open architecture enables collaboration through cross-Platform, feature extensibility and create a seamless workflow for use in projects, videos , animation and games created for.
During the training, the Blender Tutorial Series are key features of this powerful software application you know.

Topics Education of Blender 2.6 Essential Training:
– An overview of the three-dimensional environment
– Selection, rotation and integration of objects (Objects)
– Understanding the implications Transform Orientation
– Change the basic shape of an Object
– Use Snap to precisely move objects
– Comprehension Timeline
– Create the Mesh Primitive
– Edit Mesh Object Display
– Design and construction of an (imaginary) Simple
– Combine Mesh Object and Stitching vertices
– Organize a Scene by layer, grouping and hierarchical structures
– Modeling symmetrical (the Mirror Modifier)
– Material actions on objects (Object)
– Making reflections, adding transparency and use of Shading
– Create Bump Maps
– Working with lights simulate sunlight and sky
– Add Motion Blur and depth to the picture
– Animated in Pose Mode
– Edit animation in the Graph Editor
– Create and animate simple character
– And …

Other training courses:
– Construction of three-dimensional models in Blender
– Training UV Mapping in Blender
– And …