PHP is a programming language such as ASP and JSP server that although there are several differences between them. The core of the program is free and open for everyone to use.
PHP is actually an interpreter that is commonly used for web application development and how it is simple as it is that you code in PHP is not And every time you amidst the Html browser Internet to The page you requested, PHP interpreter to translate for the rest of the content intact leaves. To illustrate this, suppose that you have written in both English and French to translate it into a form that you are only fluent in English. It is only the English translation of the French text, and the rest of the way place from. So in PHP interpreter or compiler say to Html pages or dynamic pages that are created in this way are said to be dynamic.

With the advent of new technologies and programming languages ​​for dynamic web pages are static pages and dynamic place to be. One of those changes had a significant impact on the use of new Web programming languages.
Rapid PHP name of the software is to provide a professional editing environment for PHP programming language helps in better code layout. The editor in PHP with a Mac are numerous resources and capabilities. Edit, debug and analyze the code and publish the files of the features that can be used in the application name. With the help of this software you can use PHP programming language your website is dynamically constructed by combining it with other programming languages ​​and databases, professional website design. Blumentals Software is a software product company.

A key feature of the software Rapid PHP:
– Supports multiple web programming languages ​​PHP, Html, CSS, JavaScript, WML, XML
– A quick and easy access to Apple’s environment Explorer
– Syntax Check feature to automatically correct PHP code when programming
– Support for UTF-8 and UTF-16 standards
– Support and integrate perfectly with the various documents PHP, Html and CSS
– The possibility of opening and saving files via FTP PHP
– The ability of management and FTP publishing
– Search and Replace feature to search the codes and the ability to quickly replace the code with other codes
– A Spell Checker Spell Checker or Html files and TXT
– Multi Item Clipboard useful capability for simultaneous use of multiple memory in the program
– Ability to show you what the code
– Syntax Check feature to automatically correct PHP code when programming
– Includes a library of useful codes, a small and practical
– Possibility to use Code Templates or snippets program
– A complete and powerful editor for each file Html, CSS and Java Script
– Allows easy and free update
– Fast load
– Compatible with Windows Vista and XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95
– And the …