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BusyBox (No Root Donate) v3.35 Apk


BusyBox for Non-Rooted devices adds the power of BusyBox to your phone without Root!

How to use BusyBox Non-Root:
– Step 1: Click on “Install” button to download BusyBox!
– Step 2: Click on “Copy” button to add BusyBox to your $PATH!
– Step 3: Click on “Open Terminal” button!
– Step 4: Paste the command you have already copied in Step 2 in the Terminal!


– Android Terminal Emulator Application

Add PATH to Emulator:
– In Terminal Emulator -> Preferences -> Initial command: “export PATH=$PATH:/data/data/burrows.apps.busybox.paid/app_busybox/; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/data/data/burrows.apps.busybox.paid/app_busybox/”

Provided extra Binaries:
add-property-tag, backup, bash, btool, busybox-ba, busybox.zip, check-lost+found, dexdump, drm1_func_test, dropbearkey, hcidump, hcitool, iwmulticall, latencytop, librank, micro_bench, multitouch, nano, ncat, ndiff, nmap, nping, opcontrol, openvpn, oprofiled, procmem, procrank, rawbu, rsync, run_backup, run_restore, sane_schedstat, scheduler, scp, showmap, showslab, sqlite3, ssh, ssmgrd, strace, tcpdump, wget and more!

Permissions requested:
– Internet: Download BusyBox binaries
– Script: Add $PATH to Terminal

What’s New
– Clear your APP DATA and RE-INSTALL BusyBox!
– Make sure to copy the $PATH for the Terminal Emulator!
– Minor Changes

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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