Buy cc After Effects training - After Effect CC in Farsi with projects and files required by Part II

The second set of After Effects virtual school, which, like the previous series (1) is proprietary G-FX was prepared by the Forum website, you are welcomed by many of the demands and problems and Comments you played Halo DJ FX, decided to publish this valuable product (package number two) good quality and specific Autorun, with the final project files needed for training, and to download digital (all parts ) has been placed in the hands of your loved ones.

Features of the complex:

– 10 part video training in Persian
– 720p
– The video files used in training, to practice
– The Mac as a digital purchase this set

Why After Effects …? !!
Pro After Effects very powerful tool to create fantastic effects and video-video special effects in moviesexciting cinematic viewing these images have in abundance, with the Pro teasers and beautiful effectsadvertisers are coming be created. Pictures from the second package in the following.

This package contains 10 full part in Farsi and are of excellent quality which contains all the files used in training and is also project.
It was decided that in order to ease your loved ones in the download or the preparation of the package and other categories, all areas with low volume and quality, as digital (downloadable) supplied.

Features of the complex:
– 10 part video tutorial in Persian
– 720p
– The video files used in training, to practice
– Digital Download

List of educational segregation Course lessons:

Part I: In this section, you plug it in motion Partykvlar and extensive use of graphics you know. (Part I)

Part II: In this section, you plug it in motion graphics Partykvlar and wide application of you know. (Part II)

Part III: In this section, you build Intro alphabet in After Effects by   Build a project (Intro) are familiar from film Oblivion.

Part IV: In this section, you create a project, the techniques and themes are familiar motion graphics.Partykvlar plug again, make up the main body of the project.

Part V: The Part, which is actually a sequel to the previous episode (motion graphics), with professional lighting and superb color correction, effects specific to our project.

Part VI: The Part of removing and replacing the celestial sky Keying using techniques other movies we’re familiar with. It should be noted that this technique has many applications in videos, clips and music videos.

Part VII: In this section, starting with 3-D element can plug the plug unparalleled Mvzym.v mph (entering the model to render and animate it) we learn.

Part VIII: Continue to work with plug-in elements 3D and familiarity with its advanced settings.

Part IX: In this section, the most important part of this collection is not only familiar with training and exclusive DJ FX Forum website and sample it on another website, you will not see. Enter a model car (Lamborghini), texturing and rendering in 3D element, that even sample it as you will see in the video Kvpylt.

Part I: This section is located at the end of the second package, your car model that is discussed in the previous section, leaving a three-dimensional environment, and professional lighting and color correction film, placed in the marked space you. (Just like the Lamborghini is in the environment).