BWMeter  powerful to measure, display and control of the Download / Upload ie the consumer Phnaband, Phnaband all incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer and the  is measured.
Unlike other programs of this program, all data packets (never now have, where to go, which port and protocol they use) to analyze.
This software allows users to incoming speed limit and block access to some sites is capable of setting a simple, yet versatile, usable in beginner users, for a professional and administrators the.

A key feature of BWMeter:
– View  and numerical amount of bandwidth consumed
– Ability to monitor and control the consumption Phnaband of local (Lan)
– Ability to limit user access to certain sites and high speeds
– Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption of Phnaband
– Display statistics for other users on the network use of BW Meter
– Profile of suspicious traffic to hackers, viruses, etc.
– Full support for LAN, WAN, VPN, ADSL, xDSL, Modem, Dial-Up and …
– A variety of settings for full customization of the software
– Quick and easy installation
– Runs on and NT, 2000, XP, 2003
– And …