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Further Topics in C Programming Course added!

Programming language ++ C (C ++) is a general-purpose high-level computer programming language that supports procedural programming, data abstraction and object-oriented programming supports generic language and is simultaneously capable of high-level languages ​​and low static and data types , free text, multimodal, structured programming, object-oriented programming and generic programming support. The most popular programming languages ​​C ++ C with its new commercial and book standard, standard C ++ C includes a library with a series of changes to improve performance.
In terms of education, the C / C ++ are key features of this powerful application programming languages ​​you know.

Topics Education of C / C ++ Essential Training:
– Setting up a development environment on a Mac , Windows or Linux
– Understanding the development cycle programs
– Write expressions
– The definition of variables and functions
– Work with arrays and strings
– Write code with conditional sentences
– Run the macro C preprocessor
– Working with different types of data
– Using functions to perform basic math operations or complex
– Understand the concept of inheritance and succession
– Formats C ++ Programming
– Use containers C + + STL
– Use C + 11 for the types of inference, lambda functions and …
– And …

Other training courses:
– Learn the basics of C ++
– Future topics in the C programming
– And …