Download C # Essential Training - education programming language C #
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C # (C #) and high-level object-oriented language (high level) of Microsoft’s .NET framework and based language family simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented was built. Language #C, a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses functional, something general, is object-oriented and component-oriented. It was created by Microsoft as part of .NET and #C one of 44 programming languages ​​that are supported by the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime and in Microsoft Visual Studio by known everywhere.
During the training the C # Essential Training with key features powerful application programming language you know.
Headlines training of:
– Install software, Visual Studio C #
– Create a C # program
– Create forms and work with them
– Writing conditional statements
– Work with rings
– The operators, expressions, constants and …
– Identifying data types and type conversion
– Work with variables such as numbers, characters and strings
– Define classes and their properties
– Working with data structures such as arrays, stack and queue
– Create abstract classes and …
– Manage and create the app review
– Check the breakpoints and code review
– And …