Download C ++ Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons - Learning C ++
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Programming language C ++ (++ C) is designed to directly and comprehensively several programming methods (structured programming, object-oriented programming, data abstraction, and generic programming) can be used without a complex environment. ++ C computer programming language Hmhmnzvrh, object-oriented, high-level, Chndrg·h, general and with the capabilities of high-level and low level (an intermediate-level language is considered), compared with C new features such as the definition of variables, as well as the types of change, new / delete the data type bool, online functions, default arguments, and function Granbarsazy operator, and the operator to determine the scope :: namespace, classes, templates, exception handling, run-time type checking, operators input overhead ( <<) and output (>>) and Nmvdhast introduced.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to C ++ Programming
– Introduction to classes and objects
– Control clauses
– Functions
– Arrays and vectors
– Pointers and pointers on strings
– Classes
– Overflow function, Array and String objects
– Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance
– Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism
– Format
– Exception Handling
– Book home standard format (STL)
– Algorithms STL, Bitset class and function objects
– And …