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A of Call of Duty game series in the history of computer games can be considered successful. The first and second versions of the game Call of Duty games are beautiful and worthy of the revolutionary Call of Duty on PC World’s foot slipped from the fourth edition of the Keys. The sixth edition of the route of the growing collection culminated with the seventh edition of the game was called Black Ops, the story is so interesting that the salinity of the players foot version of the game on the best-seller of the games became. It sold 25 million copies in over a billion dollars of income for creators brought after the incident, even among those who are not gaming, the less the one who was have never heard of the makers of Black Ops games Series Call of Duty game to bring up a profitable industry, significantly to the advancement of the gaming world.

Latest birth of Duty, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is named. This edition of Imagine a future in which not only weapons and tools of war, considerable progress has been much improved, but the bravery and fighting with other nations is much harder than before. To escape the repetitive style of play, the changes in the new version over the previous versions, there is much more excitement to the game, and the mind of the audience to play quite a real-world leads.

Call of Duty have always been among the best and first, this is the first time I went to work in the industry of the has gone. They play a character for animation and one of the strongest men in the world have the name Jonathan Irons is the story of a Hollywood actor used. The use of the voice or image of Hollywood actor in a play is not new, but what distinguishes the game from the other competitors in Hollywood as a Kevin Spacey star and particularly popular a well-known Jonathan Irons character is actor the is an Academy Award for of taking control of Honor !

Key features of the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:
– Modern warfare, the new and completely different from previous versions of this series
– Introducing the next generation of ultra-modern warfare
– Use of new strategies and new battles between Continental and various Mllhay
– Using real figures from Hollywood
– Very hard, and the true nature of the game
– Content is original and full story