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Kptyvyt Adobe (Adobe Captivate) software for files in the field of education in the form of multimediaand interactive (interactive or Interactive) is. This powerful software can be used to produce educational software, evaluation software, production test and simulate a variety of different applications to automatically and interactively by the standards of learning management (LMS) such as SCORM format swf (Flash) can be used. In fact, Adobe Captivate to build a very good program and project management professional E-Learning is without any coding. Combine demo software and models for building applications and documents, multimedia files and interactive capabilities of this software. It also plans to make a movie of the screen is also used and is a very high quality of its output.
Captivate 5 basic training are key features of this powerful software applications are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Check interface and workspace
– Construction of a project of shapes, objects and text
– Enter the content of the file
– Creating a presentation using master slides and object styles
– Introduction to the MAC of the Captivate Exchange
– animation , using TimeLine features
– Add buttons, rollover images and captions
– Ordering the correct slide elements
– Work with and the use of styles and templates
– Use of the possibility in the Software Library Kptyvyt
– Widget application and
– Import files created with PowerPoint presentations
– The use of video and audio files in Adobe Captivate software projects
– Record and use a variety of voices, adding voiceovers to add sound to an Object
– Add and synchronize video with slides
– The use of interactive components (Interactive)
– Introduction to the Presentation of the branch (each slide can have more than one next slide)
– The recording and production of simulation (simulation)
– Create customized test environment assessment questions
– Setting and Management Quizzes
– View reports test results
– Publication made projects
– Output formats can work in Adobe Flash software
– And …