Download CBT Nuggets Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training - Learn Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell by using the .NET framework and is provided with a framework for automating the tasks that administrators of Mac systems management in both the local and remote. In fact, Windows PowerShell (Windows PowerShell) automatically upgrade the engine from Microsoft that includes a command-line shell and a Prdaz·hnvysy language and allowing complete access to COM and WMI provides.
Courses or training of TrainSignal PowerShell you are familiar with the basic functionality and key PowerShell.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course and set up a laboratory
– Meet with PowerShell
– Finding and understanding the instructions
– Orders
– Work with PSProviders and PSDrives
– Hashtables string variables and Core Operators
– Basics of regular expressions
– Tips tricks external command (External Commands)
– Data conversion and output it
– The concept of objects in PowerShell
– Introduction to PowerShell Pipeline
– Formatted output format
– Check the operator and filtering
– Check LAB A PowerShell Core
– Basics of Remote PowerShell
– Meet with WMI and CIM WMI
– Understanding the Job
– Check -LAB D Jobs
– Introduction to PowerShell Scripting and related concepts
– Create scripts based on parameter
– Logical structures PowerShell Scripting
– Understanding the functions (Function)
– Handling errors (Error)
– Techniques bug fixes
– Work with SQL Server (and other) databases
– Work with XML data files.
– Create a proxy function (Proxy Function)
– Introduction to workflows in PowerShell
– Configure scripts and Pull Servers
– A GUI Tool The GUI
– A GUI Tool The Code
– A GUI Tool The Output
– A GUI Tool uses data tables
– Using .NET classes
– And …