– Enabling multi-user:
Professional Edition users who have downloaded and installed after the installation, you will need to enter in Options, and select All users Users of the mark.

– Use Winapp2:
Winapp2 a small file that uses the capabilities of the program several times, the path to the file copy software is installed, the program will add over 2,000 new software program is much greater than normal and the power clean uses be Therefore proposal that the plugin is enabled.
After installing the plugin might take to run a program, but due to the progress that has been, is worth the wait.

Which parts do you need to clean up our sign?
One of the most common questions in this application is, which parts of the program, users must sign up to the program to remove them, the answer is that the check all cases due to a particular case problem and a danger system is threatens, Nhm The last option is to Wipe Free Space In Windows, this check does not have, or plan to spend a lot of time cleaning your disk space is deep.