These days with the proliferation of the Internet and its universal, almost all applications, software andgame of constantly dealing with the Internet and are constantly sending and receiving of information and the fact that broadband users is nearly constant and the Consequently later encounter problems with Internet speed loss because of all the programs and other bandwidth remains occupied bandwidth to the user, but the truth not the shape of bandwidth applications because it is totally unfair and sometimes theMac is a very high bandwidth, the user can quickly find their true, for example, if you are receiving a file from the Internet with management apps downloaded simultaneously and want to establish an Internet call it will be difficult because all Internet bandwidth is consumed by download manager is present in the software of optimizing network and gain a clearer sense of priorities.cFosSpeed ​​prioritize one of the strongest software (Prioritization) and Optimizer (Network Optimization) network, the software using sophisticated techniques and ultimately to always enjoy your maximum internet speed, using the The program will be able to simultaneously use applications that work with the Internet, without having any effect on the work or any of there quickly.
A key feature of the software cFosSpeed:
– Traffic Shaping technology or consumer traffic shaping to achieve the maximum speed of the Internet .
– Prioritization Technology Network and prioritize software for synchronization and fair distribution of bandwidth.
– Using technology to optimize RWin Expantion platforms to increase internet speed.
– Supports Hard Limiter and a variety of techniques used to limit bandwidth.
– Support for sending and receiving IP Blocker to block certain destinations.
– Supports automatic optimization values ​​of MSS and MTU.
– Real-time network management and observed a moment or instantaneous speed internet.
– Advanced management of bandwidth daily, monthly and yearly.
– Supports most popular Internet Router and techniques in the world.
– Supported operating systems Windows , the software is simple, compact and user-friendly interface.

But how does this software to increase internet speed?
After installing the software and it guides mounted on an Internet Connection, a program using Traffic Shaping technology or traffic shaping and prioritization software, Internet connections to a fair and such management is the bandwidth Each application is logical, therefore, when a lot of time on the Internet sharing software will not face any shortage of bandwidth.

For example, in this application of VoIP calls or Internet bandwidth is the maximum priority Torrent P2P networks are the least important when you are downloading you, you should find all the bandwidth to download but as soon as This calls for a program to automatically download software to reduce speed and higher bandwidth for VoIP and when your call is finished, it will automatically download speed increases, resulting in the two programs concurrently along with A longer run without prejudice to work together to create.

For another example, we can download and surf the web at the same time pointed out, usually when you are downloading Web pages are slow to load, and the good is natural, it’s a download manager, bandwidth to occupied But with this program and smart management can download files from the Internet while the system is busy browsing to pay without any problem at work there.

But this is not the only function of this software acts like Run Play online or view online videos and songs (Streaming) just do not require high bandwidth, but also the lowest Ping need to get faster Internet exchange in This automatically puts Ping on the minimum and the program will run well with other software.

The program automatically optimize settings for Internet and Windows MSS, MTU, RWin Window Size and many other settings such as Packet Loss Prevention optimize Internet, truer to increase the speed and quality of communication.

The software also has the ability to manage bandwidth consumption and the use of the Internet can find the time periods specified and it is also limiting the Hard Limiter, for instance, in the month of more than one be adjusted exchanges the Internet is GB If not, in this case when the boundary of consumer traffic over a gigabyte, the program closes all traffic and does not allow access to the program.

The software to calibrate and gain maximum speed downloads and uploads and optimize it requires time, almost a week after installation Calibration phase ends and the next as well their impact software will .

It is important to always remember that the Mac is not able to be faster than the speed of your Internet service provider ISP or the internet to get you have set the speed of such a software-only to the Internet to optimization its real close to the dramatic increase your speed should get better service from a provider.