Download Chrome Inspector - Inspector training Chrome browser and its use in web design
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One of the most useful tools for web designers that now has become an integral part of the design process, the inspector tool. This tool is a plugin for the Firefox browser was first released with the name firebug, then by all browsers, plug-ins released similar. All seems to be no use of these tools, web design is difficult and sometimes non- Mac as it seems.
In this series of videos Inspector are familiar with the concept first. Then you know the tools available for different browsers. Then we go to the Chrome browser Aynspktvr and all parts that a web design (both beginner and professional) needs to be checked individually.
During training you have all the capabilities and features of chrome inspecto This tool is provided with the Chrome browser, and you can learn to use it as a web designer.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the program
– Understanding the elements fever
– Described the panel style
– Describes the tools panel style
– Change the CSS rules in the panel style
– Element style differences with ordinary CSS rules
– Describe the panel Computed Style
– Describe the Metrics panel
– Descriptions fever Resources
– Descriptions fever Network
– And …