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With the advancement of information technology need to perform computing tasks everywhere and all the time there. It also requires that people be able to heavy computing tasks without expensive hardware and software, through their service. Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is the last call technology needs.Cloud computing model to provide easy access based on user demand via network change and configuration set of computing resources (eg, networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be accessed with minimal need to manage resources or require direct involvement or service provider to provide free speed (left) is. Consumers generally own cloud infrastructure, cloud physics, but to avoid the cost of capital from third-party vendors rent. They consume resources as a service and pay only the cost of the resources they use.

During the training of Cloud Computing First Look you with the concepts, capabilities, key technology and powerful applications are familiar.

Topics include:
– Understand the components and cloud infrastructure
– Work with storage and database services
– Understanding the benefits of cloud computing
– Evaluate security risks
– Introduction to cloud storage
– Work with Google Apps, Windows Live, iCloud, etc.
– Migration to the Cloud
– And …