Download CM Security - Mobile Anti-Virus Software
(94/12/12) Changes:
Update to version 2.9.3

If you feel low speed smartphone or virus can infiltrate it with a Mac, the software does not fix the concern and worry of the virus in your phone. You Qvytryt with one of the best optimizer in the field ofantivirus and security software for Android OS are facing. With more than 100 million antivirus downloadsecurity software as the best and most popular Android gained. This program is capable of viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and malicious programs from Memory smartphones and tablets with high speed and extraordinary detect and destroy.
Application features Mobile CM Security AppLock & AntiVirus:
– Lock WhatsApp, contacts, and Facebook Messenger of spies
– Lock the gallery and browser protection Photos and History Review
– Lock application using fingerprint
Version 2.9.3
– Added the Mac ‘s share shell app with your friends
– Added button screen protection for private browsing