Download Code Clinic Tutorial Series - solutions to common problems in programming courses
(93/12/13) Changes:
Courses Problem Four: Accessing Peripherals for each programming language added!
Courses Problem Five: Recursion and Directories for each programming language added!
Courses Problem Six: Building the Web for any of the programming languages ​​added!

Many programmers professionally managed only one programming language to know!
Other characteristics of successful developers is that they know how to problems that arise when programming to solve them. Most programmers problem solving techniques “Computational Thinking” is used in this way that the problem is divided into smaller parts and try to make use of technical solutions for each sector to finally fix the problem small to be able to fully solve the problem.
Courses taught the Code Clinic to discuss ways to solve common problems and the same when programming with C ++, C #, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby’s. Each time one of the common problems in the programming language under Problem one, Problem two, etc. is added.

Courses of training for the solution of common problems in programming C ++, C #, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby:
– Problem # 1: Statistical analysis, the Lake Pend Oreille
– Problem # 2: Analysis image
– Problem # 3: eight queens puzzle
– Problem # 4: access to peripheral devices
– Problem # 5: Recursion and directories
– Problem # 6: Build a Website
– And …