Humans have always had a good center image. Neanderthals Over thousands of years, yet the visual language we speak. There are pictures on the walls of caves, are perhaps the first examples of visual narrative. Many children start school earlier  of stories and playing cards with pictures of Cruelty. Estimate the story, and perhaps the parts of the story in his own mind up. Portrait of a comic strip or graphic novel version of the story where the images have a greater share in this narrative. Cartoon or comic strip (Comic Strip) drawing or set of drawings of the comet, which narrates the story. The one who kills the cartoonist known comics, the comics are printed at regular intervals. Comic Strip of 1920 Americans became in magazines and newspapers. The most famous comic strip, later on the  was made ​​can be my idol comic strip, Superman, Spider-Man, and so on. Comic Strip of the trail in some magazines and newspapers are the most popular content. Comic Life  is powerful and easy to use with a simple interface for you to at creating comic strips are provided. This software is a nice rig templates that you just select one of them and quickly build an attractive comic.

With this  you can easily click  of their effects and make funny faces. You can also add many pages into the comic so that each of them has a different format and can easily add page numbers to them. In this application, some text editing options are also available that they can use the , size, underline, color and alignment of your choice. Using Comic Life would be easy, even for novice users.

A key feature of the software Comic Life:
– Design a comic strip or cartoon images using real photos
– Includes box (balloon) for the preparation and diversified to add text per image (Speech Balloon)
– There are some editing options for font, size, underline, color and alignment
– A form ready for elegant and interesting
– Change the size, layout, customize, or add effects to images
– The makes adding many comic pages so that each of them will have a different format
– Ability to add page numbers
– Troll manufacturing, importing photos trolley
– Ultimate Comics store in Photos
– Ability to print or send via email
– Easy to use
– Compatible with different versions of windows
– And …