Download Computer Forensics Essential Training - Computer Training Farnzyk (computer forensics)

Farnzyk computer (Computer forensics) refers to a subset of computer forensics to collect electronic evidence related to the crime on the computer so that it can be as valid evidence and documentation in court Closed. Due to the use of computers and other digital devices of all individuals, businesses and industry has become a necessity to common areas such as computers and computer forensics to solve crimes and cyber crimes is denied Farnzyk is inevitable. An expert on computer crime, with a range of tools and techniques such as software, games blue files, software to copy disk and memory, abstract vector tools (hashing) to compare the data, tools and bypass the password to decrypt data protected, software, metadata access and file possible to find evidence for a hearing dealing.
In the course of teaching the concepts and principles of computer science Computer Forensics Essential Training you will learn Farnzyk.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to computer forensics (computer Farnzyk)
– Understanding the hardware and software applications in computer Farnzyk
– Understanding Partitions
– Using a Hex Editor
– Preparation of a drive target
– Obtaining information.
– Ensure the integrity of data hashing
– Search and indexing
– Reporting for PC Farnzyk
– And …