Download Coolutils Print Maestro v1.0.36684 - software structure of files and folders in a specific directory

Print Maestro software is extraordinary that can complete the list of folders and files located in a specified direction to the user. When it becomes clear that the usefulness of this tool for users of the folders and files within a structure and a list containing the name of the folder and its contents as well as identification of the general characteristics (such as format and type) or demonstration The complex structure of nested levels of files / folders need. Finally, the user will be able to list files generated for HTML, PDF, csv, text and their output or using the printer to print it. In Print Maestro can choose between styles available, set the display mode and select to display the details you need.

A key feature of the software Print Maestro:
– Preparation of simple file lists the contents of a folder
– View the internal structure of a folder (directory) for tree
– View a list of files in the folder Tvrdtv
– Create a detailed list with file data (full path, name, date, size, type, etc.)
– Create a list of e-mail (with fields such as sender, recipient, date, subject, etc.)
– The list of films (with fields like size, length, width, height, codec, aspect ratio)
– List of photos (with fields like history, directions, exposure time, width, height, and thumbnail)
– A list of the songs (with details such as artist, title, album, Description, Tags, bit rate, channel and time)
– Report by EXIF ​​fields
– Preview before printing list has been created
– Providing outputs in formats HTML, PDF, Excel, Rich Text Format, Picture, CSV, SQL, DBF, XML,
– Customize the information displayed on output
– Print the list of products
– And …