Corel AfterShot Pro is a solution software for fast and flexible to manage image is digitized by the MACprocessing and advanced management resources at your disposal and you can use to organize Categories your photos in catalogs or folders separate fee. Corel AfterShot Pro is a powerful search tool that helps you when searching through your photos, apply special filters such as the camera settings, word, tag and dramatically increase the speed of your search. The software features like customizable tool for nondestructive editing, producing albums as output, the output, supports RAW, batch processing is a powerful, comprehensive tool for metadata and process orders placed at the disposal of all people, including professional photographers.

A key feature of the software Corel AfterShot Pro:
– Support for RAW
– Manage photos are quite flexible
– Powerful editing tools
– Increase the image quality
– Create output for use on the web
– The Mac the album
– A standard layout patterns
– Batch processing of images
– And the …