JetAudio is just a but an integrated software program which Maltese mediastinal compression set of missions to be able to do. This software not only for the implementation of various audio and video formats, it also has features such as CD burning, conversion to other file formats will do. JetAudio is a multimedia software in addition to playing music and video files Burn CD, record, convert multiple files to each other more. Also for the creation of a radio software with side-by JetCast software will be provided with JetAudio. Analog audio recorder allows you to add various plug Visualization, Reliability Sound 2 Vision, various sound effects, such as Wide, Reverb, X-bass, multi-channel audio output and other features in this new version.

A key feature of Cowon JetAudio:
– Play music and video files
– Burn audio CD from audio files
– Record sound from any input source, or is a variety of professional broadcast sound card
– Full and detailed editing files
– Support multi-channel audio output
– Equipped with a variety of Beautiful Skin
– Convert audio format to another and rip Audio CD to popular formats
– Various sound effects and beautiful
– Giving full control to the user software as a complete digital audio recording
– Includes Equalizer and Timer and Alarm
– Create and save your favorite album
– Creation of Radio of
– Support multi-channel audio output
– Equipped with a variety of Beautiful Skin
– Ability to install various plugins
– Added a beautiful layouts for different tastes
– Playback formats WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and Video, and audio CD
– Loading a single AB
– The  uses the Bookmark Options
– History (New Listings)
– Support for remote control like MCE control devices and StreamZap
– File Management System Audio Video Album Manager + Explorer + Device Manager
– And …

Basic Plus software version difference and Jetaudio:
Simultaneously, the company Cowon has released two versions of the Plus and Basic, the Basic version is free and does not contain all the features of the Plus version. File Encoding Basic version features MP3 / MP3Pro not have the Plus version is a very useful sound effects included. Recording in the recording and the Plus version features a very varied. Plus version has some very useful tools that keep it from the Basic version.