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CPU Monitor v5.92 APK Free Download

CPU Monitor

Find out what is slowing down your Android device!

Unlike other tools, CPU Monitor is an advanced tool which records historical information about processes running on your device. You can configure the length of the information capture. You can store and review up to 100 captures.

CPU Monitor will even automatically begin recording information when an application exceed the set thresholds for CPU over a specified time interval.

You can use the information stored over time to identify trends in application behavior and to identify processes that utilize too many resources over a period of time.

CPU Monitor is capable of manual and automatic captures or snapshots. The app can automatically start a snapshot capture of what processes are running and what amount of resources they are consuming.

The app also allows you to graph each process captured in the snapshot and you can graph the CPU, the memory and the battery drain.

The app also allows you to kill the process as well as O/S processes if your phone is rooted, otherwise it will kill only user processes.

The app only uses about 4% of the phone’s CPU to run in background monitoring mode and about 8% when capturing data.

CPU Monitor will help you identify processes which slow down your phone over time.


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CPU Monitor v5.92 APK Free Download

  • Size: 1.24 mb
  • Current Version:5.92

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