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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets is. Although for coding Web pages, but we use the Html control operations on formatting problems in the language that it will undermine the fact that the cascade or CSS formatting to a Mac Html comes to creating professional formatting is done more easily.
Using CSS, you can set several parameters at once formatting and apply on any part of any web page. For example, we can all h1 tags in the page properties such as size, font and color can be specified.
Nowadays, web programming and scripting language for Web Design CSS is used in large amounts. The language used to create simplicity in programming, design, speeding, use this code on multiple web pages simultaneously, and more.

Rapid CSS name of the software by which it is to be able to apply all of the coding and CSS code to do it in the editor. The most important feature of this software tweaking CSS pages and set the user making the colors, fonts , sizes, directions, and all things related to the formation of the page is included. In this software, users can easily perform coding and software with the color code and categorize them accordingly and also the sort of layout codes to users in the code a Mac Cheyenne. The software in debug and fix spelling problems in coding helps the users. The capabilities of this software, text editing, editing Html and Xhtml, search and replace in text files, upload stored on FTP, project management, site management, and program files in windows etc. Blumentals Software is a software product company. 

A key feature of the software Rapid CSS:
– Full text editing capabilities and advanced
– Easy to work with CSS code
– Edit Html and Xhtml
– Highlighting the distinctive feature of CSS and Html tags and colors for easy look
– Search and Replace (Replace) in text files
– Control commands just plain wrong
– Ability to handle files in the program window
– Ability to upload stored on FTP and management
– Auto writer for CSS and Html
– Compatibility with different browsers standards in CSS
– Comply with all standards, Html and CSS
– Fully customizable environment
– Clipboard with multiple capacity
– Have the ability to review them all CSS rules and Html
– Ability to collapse the code
– Project management and FTP publishing Web
– A compressed CSS code
– Includes X-RAY to preview Html